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Further cementing a focus on the long-term performance of the organisation, during this stage more HR attention is paid to internal factors and external macro trends which could affect the organisation, both now and in the future. HR needs to be scanning for, anticipating and responding to external opportunities and challenges in a timely way.

Pang Shu Xin, Executive Director, Mothercare Singapore

‘‘All of the supervisors were invited to attend the advanced certificate-level training. An added advantage of the supervisors attending the training course together is the opportunity for them to share knowledge, ideas and learning.”

It is vital that the HR strategy remains closely aligned to the business strategy, facilitating the organisation’s long term goals. Likewise, the organisation’s vision and values need to be the golden thread through all practices and approaches, including reward. A total reward package is common, with attention focused on financial and nonfinancial rewards, including job enrichment and talent development.

Also in the established stage, all of our four case studies focused on career development and succession planning. And finally, at this stage of transition there is also a noticeable shift in our case study organisations from management training to leadership development.

Joseph Foo, Founder and Chairman, Jason Marine

“We need to enable our key staff to see where they could be five years from now. It’s the responsibility of all our leaders to develop their successor.”

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